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Looking for Non-Metallic Pipe?
Thousands of miles of non-metallic pipelines are buried throughout the country without adequate records or a tracing media such as wire or metallic tape. USABlueBook regularly receives requests from operators wanting to find their “lost” pipes. In the past, locators’ only resource, short of countless blind probes into the soil was to “witch” for them using two wires or a willow stick. Many operators are still using this method today, and USABlueBook offers one such product, the Magnetomatic Pipe Locator, stock #25720.
However, USABlueBook also has an alternative locator for finding pressurized non-metallic pipe. The AquaTrak 50 and AquaTrak 100 use a water-actuated “transmitter” to create a locatable pulse in the pipe’s water. The receiver senses this pulse and displays meter movement on the AquaTrak 50 or a bar graph movement on the AquaTrak 100. Sounds are also transmitted through the headphones. As the operator gets closer to the line, the sound increases and the meters movements coincide with the sounds.
You can find more information about these and other products in our Locators Section of the catalog. Or you may call us at 1-800-548-1234 and ask for our Technical Support Department for other tips and techniques.