Quality Plug-and-Play Chemical Feed Solutions with PlantPRO™ Systems Quality Plug-and-Play Chemical Feed Solutions with PlantPRO™ Systems
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Duplex Panel Mount System 350923
Duplex Panel Mount System 350923
(Order Pumps Separately)
Simplex Panel Mount System 350921
Simplex Panel Mount System 350921
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Duplex Skid Mount System 350925
Duplex Skid Mount System 350925
(Order Pumps Separately)
Pick the pump that works for you and we’ll turn it into a system—no assembly required!
PlantPRO™ Chemical Feed Systems
•  Efficient panel- and skid-mounted configurations reduce space requirements
•  Ready to install—no assembly required
•  Specifically for water and wastewater applications
Ordering a chemical feed skid has never been easier. Browse through our selection of chemical feed pumps to find the pumps that best suit your application. Then, choose one of the standard skid configurations below. We install your pumps on the skid. All panels and skid bases are constructed of durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Choose systems with Viton® components for chlorine and general applications, or EPDM for use with caustic liquids.
PlantPRO Panel-Mounted Systems
These wall-mounted units are perfect for use with diaphragm and other small metering pumps with or without a multifunction valve. Choose from a single-pump panel or a double-pump panel (duty/standby configuration, single suction and single discharge). All piping is Schedule 80 PVC.
PlantPRO Skid-Mounted Systems
Our chemical feed skid systems are built on a low-profile 2-1/2'W x 2'H skid. All skids are set up in a double-pump, duty/standby configuration. Skid configuration provides easy access to the pumps for maintenance and operation.
All systems include: 250 mL calibration column, back pressure valve, pressure gauge with PVC/PTFE seal, unpowered terminal enclosure for control signal termination, and duplex power receptacle (pump plugin) with weatherproof cover and 6'L power cord.
Note: Systems are hydrostatically tested prior to shipment.
PVC/Viton 18"W x 30"H 350921
PVC/EPDM 18"W x 30"H 350922
PVC/Viton 36"W x 30"H 350923
PVC/EPDM 36"W x 30"H 350924
PVC/Viton 36"W x 24"D x 30"H 350925
PVC/EPDM 36"W x 24"D x 30"H 350926

PlantPRO USABlueBook Exclusive
PlantPRO™ EZBlend Polymer Feed Systems
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PlantPRO™ EZBlend Polymer Feed Systems
•  Efficient wall-mount design saves space
•  Simple plug-and-play setup
•  Works with any polymer-compatible pump up to 16 gph
Rely on the EZBlend system for a simple way to feed polymer. It includes all the components you need for easy setup, while giving you the freedom to select your preferred pump. All-PVC construction offers strength and chemical resistance.
To set up your EZBlend system, simply mount the panel to the wall (typically above your polymer tank), secure your pump to the pump shelf, connect polymer and water supplies to the provided inlets, and start the flow. While operating, a 2 to 20 gpm rotameter measures dilution water while a globe valve controls it. Primary polymer mixing happens at the injection point in a clear hydrokinetic tee. Secondary mixing occurs while traveling through a six-element static mixer.
System also features a calibration column, diaphragm-sealed pressure gauge, and isolation and check valves.
Note: Polymer pump not included. Either order separately below or use a pump you already own.
EZBlend Polymer Feed System 350799
Suggested Polymer Pumps
Pulsafeeder HV Pump Manual 96 110 43592
LMI B1 Pump Manual 60 100 60890
Blue-White FLEXFLO Pump Manual 25.5 65 350014
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