Are your hydrants visible? Are your hydrants visible?
Steel Hydrant Markers with Flag
Steel Hydrant Markers with Flag
•  Maximum quality at minimal cost
Heavy-duty 1/2"-dia marker measures 4' high and features a 3"W x 2-3/4"H flag. Red painted finish offers optimal durability, corrosion protection and fade resistance. Loop mount slips quickly over any 2-1/2" NST outlet, and is held in place by the hydrant cap. Optional white reflective tape sold separately. One roll covers approximately 64 flags.
Shipping: Additional handling fees apply. Quantities of 50+ ship motor freight.
Made in USA Loop 85935
Import Loop 22514
Optional Reflective Tape
1" x 30' Roll 49220
Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Hydrant Markers
Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Hydrant Markers
•  Ultra strong and corrosion resistant
•  3/8" diameter with reflective bands—easy to spot day and night
Heavy-duty hydrant markers feature UV-resistant fiberglass construction for optimal bend strength and corrosion resistance. Select models feature springs for 360° flexibility—a great feature in areas with lots of children. These specially wound springs return markers to full upright position. Zinc and yellow dichromate spring coating protects against corrosion.
Choose from standard or American flag markers
Standard markers feature red and white reflective shaft bands. Add an optional red mini flag with white reflective tape for added visibility (sold separately; stock # 43657). Mini flags feature UV-protected exterior-grade PVC construction. Mount using the integral screw-tightened clamp. American flag markers add patriotic flare with their red, white and blue reflective shaft bands. Included flag topper features an American flag on one side, and white and blue stripes on the other.
Multiple mounting connection options
Flat-bracket mounting connections connect directly to your hydrants’ flange bolt. They feature MIL-SPEC steel construction with poly coating. Loop mounting connections install on hydrant nozzles behind the cap. They require less than 1/2" clearance between cap and hydrant body for a good tight fit. Brackets feature a powder-coated enamel finish with poly coating.
Shipping: Additional handling fees apply.
Flat-Bracket with Spring 22516
Loop with Spring for 2-1/2" 43658
Loop without Spring for 2-1/2" 43659
Loop w/ Spring for 4-1/2" 43656
Optional Red Mini Flag 43657
Flat-Bracket with Spring 22502
Loop w/ Spring for 2-1/2" 22503
Loop w/o Spring for 2-1/2" 22504
Loop w/ Spring for 4-1/2" 22505
Optional Red Mini Flag 43657
Flat-Bracket with Spring 73485
Loop w/ Spring for 2-1/2" 73486
Rust-Oleum Acrylic Fire Hydrant Enamel
Get Your Hydrants Ready for Winter with High-Vis Paint & Markers!
Rust-Oleum® Acrylic Fire Hydrant Enamel
•  Excellent gloss retention—won’t fade in outdoor weathering
•  Resists chalking
•  Higher solids for greater coverage
This high-performance acrylic enamel coating is specifically formulated to protect fire hydrants. It is a fast-drying system that has excellent resistance to the effects of sun, dog urine, salt abrasion and other road hazards.
This VOC-compliant and low-odor coating is also ideal for maintenance on water towers, plant buildings, railings, piping, etc. Hydrant recoat drying time is 1 to 3 hours. Cleans up with soap and water. Sold in 1-gallon cans.
Note: One gallon covers approximately 2-1/2 to 3 standard size hydrants.
Fire Hydrant Red 43827
Safety Yellow 43828
Safety Orange 43829
Safety Blue 43830
Safety Green 43831
White 43832
Gray Primer 44010
Red Primer 44012
Seymour Reflective Hydrant Spray Paint
Seymour® Reflective Hydrant Spray Paint
•  Identify fire hydrants from longer distances at night
•  Excellent outdoor durability; quick-dry formula
This paint helps you identify fire hydrants, interior fire lines, utility boxes, sign poles and ramps from longer distances at night. The water-based polyurethane aerosol produces a bright reflection when hit with headlights and reflects directly back to the source of light. Excellent outdoor durability. When properly applied, it retains its color and reflectivity for 2 to 4 years.
For best results, please follow the directions on the can:
Step 1: Apply the aluminum base coat prior to using the colored reflective coat. The base coat is a quick-dry lacquer that dries in less than 5 minutes.
Step 2: Apply the reflective top coat, which dries in 15 to 40 minutes. For best coverage, apply 2 light coats over the base coat.
Step 3: Prior to storing, turn each aerosol can upside down and spray for 5 seconds to clear the spray head and valve. Wipe off spray head exit hole.
Each 12-oz can (net wt) covers 1 to 2 standard hydrants. Choose from two top-coat colors. Low VOCs and low odor.
Fire Hydrant Red 42487
Fire Hydrant Yellow 42488
Dull Aluminum 42494