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Frequently Asked Questions - Security
  • What would you recommend for monitoring security of a remote pump station?
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    • A motion sensitive floodlight, door and window sensors, and an autodialer to let you know when these have been tripped.
  • How can I control access to different areas of my facility without giving everybody different sets of keys?
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    • Access control door locks. These locks have programmable combinations and do not require keys. Electronic models have calendars and can have hundreds of different combinations which enable you to track who went through what door and when, and even control what hours they have access.
  • I have backflow preventers out in the open. What can I do to protect them?
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    • The best way to protect a backflow preventer is with an enclosure. Steel and fiberglass enclosures are available; some even have insulation and heaters for freezing climates. Even better is a decorative rock enclosure, no one will even know it’s there. If an enclosure is not in the budget, you can at least prevent water theft or tampering with test cock locks.
  • If there is some kind of catastrophic failure at one of my pumping stations, holding tanks, or plants, I don’t want to find out about it in the morning. What can I do?
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    • Autodialers will not only notify you in the case of a power failure, but can be outfitted with all kinds of sensors to detect other problems: sound, temperature, presence of water, absence of water, motion detectors, door and window sensors, pressure switches, level sensors, or any other piece of equipment with an output signal.
  • I want video surveillance for my facility. Where do I start?
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    • USABluebook offers a range of video surveillance packages. A basic package includes four cameras and a monitor for real time viewing. The next step would be a package which includes a digital video recorder which will record four or even eight cameras. The next option would be a digital video recording with internet access. Now you can monitor your facility from anywhere on your computer or even a PDA. Most packages include night vision cameras and are expandable to utilize eight cameras.
  • I need the benefits of an autodialer but I don not have a phone line. What are my options?
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    • Many autodialers are available with cell phones built in. Another option would be a wireless communication package which includes two transceivers that can communicate back and forth via radio waves. These units can transmit two digital and two analog channels simultaneously.
  • I have a fire hydrant that is always being opened by unauthorized users. What can I do?
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    • A hydrant lock will keep the hydrant from being turned on and ensures the integrity of your water system. The advantage of USABluebook’s HydrantLok is that it utilizes a standard padlock, which means that in the case of an emergency and the key cannot be found, the lock can easily be cut off.