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Frequently Asked Questions - Maintenance
  • Is the U.L. approved paint okay for inside of my potable water tank?
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    • The Rust-Oleum W9200 Potable Water Epoxy paint is certified by Underwriters Laboratories for use in potable water tanks in accordance with ANSI/NSF Standard 61. Underwriters Laboratories is an approved lab for testing and certifying products for compliance with this standard. We recommend that you check with your local regulatory agency for their approval before purchasing this product.
  • Can I get custom colors in the Rustoleum paint systems?
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    • Yes, custom colors are available in many of our paints. However, there is a twelve gallon minimum order.
  • What does pot life mean regarding painting instructions?
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    • Some of the painting systems require an activator to be mixed with the paint in a specific ratio. Pot life refers to the amount of time the paint and activator can be used after it is mixed. If not used within this amount of time, the mixture will harden and become unusable.
  • For the striping and marking paints, what is the ideal temperature for these to be applied?
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    • The optimum temperature range for this paint is between 40 and 90 degrees Farenheit.
  • Will the pressure washer accessories fit any brand of pressure washer?
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    • The accessories are designed to fit Cam Spray brand pressure washers and are generally not interchangeable with other brands.
  • Do you have access to more types of oils and greases than are listed in the catalog?
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    • Yes, we can get other items and our vendor is able to cross reference other brand names.
  • Do the safety cans come in other colors?
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    • The cans are color coded by what will be stored in them. Red is for gasoline and yellow is for diesel fuel. There is also a blue TypeI canavailable for kerosene storage. Spouts are available for the Type I cans as well as replacement spouts for the Type II.
  • Does USABluebook carry products to control midge flies and mosquitoes?
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    • Yes, we carry Strike liquid and pellets for the midge flies and Microbe-Lift BMC biological mosquito control for mosquitoes.
  • What is the chemical compatability of the threadlocks and sealants?
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    • We have threadlockers compatable with sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, alum and slurry. Please call USABluebook with specific chemical questions, we can find compatability by specific product to make sure you get what you need.
  • What kind of spill containment and storage items do you have?
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    • We have products for indoor and outdoor drum storage, drum pallets that have built- in spill containment and Universal spill kits. The spill kits include an Emergency Response Guidebook that help with guidelines for containing a hazardous spill.