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Frequently Asked Questions - Hose
  • Which discharge hose should I buy?
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    • USABlueBook lists three different grades. The construction of each grade is different and this is reflected in the published pressure ratings. Pressure ratings of one brand of hose versus another can vary greatly, and the color of the hose is not always an accurate indicator of the quality of the hose. Select hose based on your actual needs. Standard PVC discharge hose is fine for pumping water out of a ditch at low pressure. Heavy-duty PVC discharge hose has almost twice the psi rating of standard hose. High pressure PVC discharge hose has pressure ratings comparable to fire hose in many sizes, but unlike fire hose it has a smooth cover to reduce scuffing when it is dragged over rough surfaces.
  • Can I use quick connect fittings with a high pressure discharge or suction hose?
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    • Yes you can use the quick connect fittings with the higher pressure rated hoses but remember that even though the hose is rated for those higher pressures the fittings have their own pressure ratings:
      2-1/2" quick connect fittings rated @ 150 psi
      3" quick connect fittings rated @ 125 psi
      4" quick connect fitting rated @ 100 psi
      5" & 6" quick connect fittings rated @ 75 psi
  • Can I get discharge or suction hoses in different lengths than listed in your catalog?
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    • Yes, but they will be special order, call and ask for our Hose Tech Support Group for pricing and availability.
  • How do I know which threading I have to buy to fit the threading I have already?
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    • Please refer to the chart below. This is a chart for which threads will work together and what kind of seal should be used.
      Pipe size chart
      Click her to enlarge
  • Can I get a hose or hydrant adapter that is not in your catalog?
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    • Yes, call our Hose Tech Support Group for pricing and availability.
  • How do I how which hose shank coupling I should buy?
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    • The hose shank couplings are all sized by the hoses’ ID (inside diameter) not their OD (outside diameter).
  • What can I use if I need a potable water hose?
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    • We have a 1-1/2" and 2-1/2" NSF discharge hose that meets both NSF 61 (National Science Foundation) and FDA(Food & Drug Administration) approvals in 50’ lengths. (sizes up to 6" and longer lengths available on special order)
  • Why do I need a swivel connection on my hose?
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    • The reason there is a swivel connection on the hose is so you won’t have to rotate or turn the hose or the pump over and over to get the connection tight. This is best accomplished by using a nipple on the pump to change the female connection to a male connection so the female swivel end of your hose can be attached with the least amount of difficulty.
  • Which quick connect adapter should I put on my pump?
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    • The male side of the quick connect adapter should be the coupler that you put on the pump because the locking arms on the female side of the quick connect coupling would be difficult and sometimes impossible to close towards the pump but easier pulling them up and away from the pump.