It’s a Hot One! Keep Your Crew Cool, Hydrated and Safe It’s a Hot One! Keep Your Crew Cool, Hydrated and Safe
Dickies® Performance Cooling Short-Sleeve T-Shirts
Dickies® Performance Cooling Short-Sleeve T-Shirts
Dickies® Performance Cooling Short-Sleeve T-Shirts
•  Durable, breathable soft jersey fabric
•  Wicks away heat and sweat to keep you cool
T-shirts feature Temp-iQ technology that traps cool air inside the fabric, effectively cooling you down while wicking away sweat. 50% cotton/50% polyester fabric. Side seam construction minimizes twisting. Choose from dark navy or black.
Small 331818
Medium 331819
Large 331820 331826
X-Large 331821 331827
2X-Large 331822 331828
3X-Large 331823 331829
4X-Large 331824 331830
Small 331832
Medium 331833
Large 331834 331840
X-Large 331835 331841
2X-Large 331836 331842
3X-Large 331837 331843
4X-Large 331838 331844
Sqwincher® Rehydration Products
Sqwincher® Rehydration Products
•  Replace important electrolytes at just pennies per ounce!
•  Tastes great, yet won’t leave a bloated feeling—keep workers hydrated and energized
•  Contains low sodium and packed with potassium for proper hydration
Stay hydrated during tough jobs. When you sweat, you lose water and important electrolytes. Sqwincher replaces all these and more. Plus, it absorbs into your body more quickly than plain water, so you’ll reach peak performance levels fast. Choose from four different options.
Sqwincher Powder Packs
Sqwincher Powder Packs
When your whole crew is thirsty, Sqwincher Powder Packs are the most economical choice at less than 1¢ per ounce. Each packet makes 2.5 gallons.
Eight Each of Orange, Fruit Punch, Grape, Lemon-Lime 32 14727
Sqwincher Fast Pack™ Cups
Sqwincher Fast Pack™ Cups
Tough jobs don’t stop, and neither do you. Fast Pack is one of the quickest, most convenient solutions for hydration. No bottle necessary— this 6-oz packet is partially filled with concentrated hydration fluid and doubles as its own cup. Just open the packet, fill with water, drink, then go back to work.
Cherry 50 33334
Grape 50 33335
Orange 50 33336
Fruit Punch 50 33337
Sugar Free Orange 50 33338
Sugar Free Fruit Punch 50 33339
Sqwincher Sqweeze™ Freezer Pops
Sqwincher Sqweeze™ Freezer Pops
Sqwincher Sqweeze and Sqweeze Zero Freezer Pops quickly cool your core body temperature while rehydrating you with essential minerals and electrolytes. The Zero variety has all the great taste and hydration benefits of regular Sqwincher, but with NO calories or sugar! Each assortment pack of 10 includes two flavors per pack. Sold by the case; 15 packs per case.
Squeeze, Two Each of Cherry, Grape, Lemon-Lime, Mixed Berry, Orange 150 20553
Sqweeze Zero, Two Each of Punch, Dragon Fruit, Orange, Mixed Berry, Watermelon 150 332675
Sqwincher Qwik Stik™ Zero Tubes
Qwik Stik Zero, 50-Ct Pks
Sqwincher Qwik Stik™ Zero Tubes
Qwik Stik Zero, 10-Count Pks
Sqwincher Qwik Stik™ Zero Tubes
When you’re on the go, Qwik Stik Zero packs are a convenient zero sugar, zero-calorie option. Easily mix each Stik into a single 20-oz bottle of water. Available in 50-count loose packs, or an assortment pack of 20 handy reusable carrying tubes that each contain 10 Stiks (four different flavors, 200 Stiks total).
Fruit Punch 50 15013
Orange 50 15011
Lemon Lime 50 15014
Mixed Berry 50 15012
Five 10-Count Tubes of Each: Fruit Punch, Orange, Mixed Berry, Strawberry Lemonade 200 15015
Igloo® Coolers
Igloo® Coolers
These yellow and red industrial coolers can take the day-in and day-out abuse of the roughest job sites. The handles are screwed into internal backplates. Recessed spigot features a large button that’s easy to use even with gloves.
The gray plastic cup dispenser holds either the old style 4 oz or the new 4-1/2 oz roll edge cone cups.
5-Gal Cooler, Polyethylene 47628
Cup Dispenser 47630
Sleeve of 200 Cups 47634
Wire Rack 47629