Part#: 351448
Weight: 21.0 lbs
Brand: Pulsafeeder

PULSAtron® Series MP Pump, 120 GPD 100 PSI, LMH6TA-KTT3

  • Tested and certified by WQA against NSF/ANSI 61 & 372
Price: $2,089.95
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Pulsafeeder's digital MP series pumps feature a six-key keypad that allows easy programming and manual control of the pump speed. The speed is adjustable from 1 stroke/hour to 125 strokes per minute.

In the external mode, the pump will accept 4-20 mA, 20-4 mA or pulse signals. The pulse signals are available in two modes: pulse divide and pulse multiply. Pulse divide allows the pump to respond with a pre-programmed number of strokes for every 1 to 999 incoming pulses. In pulse multiply mode, the pump can be programmed to stroke from 1 to 999 times for every incoming pulse. Adjust stroke length using the dial in the center of the panel.

All MP series pumps come standard with a stop function port that allows you to automatically shut off the pump when there is no flow in the process stream or when your chemical day tank is empty. All pumps come with a signal relay port that can be used to send a signal to an autodialer or alarm panel.

The pumps also feature an interval timer which can be programmed to operate for selected run times of 1 to 999 minutes (16 hours) at selected intervals from 1 to 999 hours (41 days) at a selected stroking rate. The totally enclosed, chemically resistant housing protects pumps in the harshest environments. Encapsulated electronics and a rigid housing ensure years of precise, repeatable performance.

Pumps for Fluoride with Standard Head: Use with 20% hydrofluosilicic acid. Call for compatibility with other chemicals. Wetted materials: PVDF head, PVDF fittings, PTFE check balls, PTFE diaphragm and PTFE seats/O-rings.

Pumps include: injection valve, foot valve/strainer, suction valve, discharge valve, 5-function valve, 4 feet of PVC suction tubing, 4 feet of bleed valve return tubing, 8 feet of polyethylene discharge tubing, and three signal cords (one for external pacing or 4-20 mA input, one for stop function, and one for signal relay).

Tech Specs
  • Connection: 3/8" OD Tube
  • Maximum Viscosity: 1000 cP
  • Suction Lift: 4 ft