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Part#: 84922
Weight: 28.0 lbs
Brand: PlantPRO

PlantPRO™ Bio-Health Bacterial Supplement, 25 lbs

  • Trillions of bacteria tackling your plant's toughest problems
Price: $324.95
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PlantPRO Bio-Health is a special blend of naturally occurring microorganisms formulated to grow and create enzymes that break down organic waste and improve your water treatment process. Use Bio-Health to supplement existing biomass, re-establish bacteria population after a toxic event or wash-out, and lower sludge levels.

The bacteria are supplied on a proprietary micronutrient carrier that provides accelerated germination, growth and enzyme production. This effectively reduces BOD, COD, suspended solids, total sludge volume, ammonia and odors. It also reduces phosphate levels and helps with low F:M situations. Guaranteed minimum bacterial concentration of 4 billion CFU/g (1.8 trillion CFU/lb). Packed in 1-lb water-soluble pouches in 25-lb containers.

Dosage Schedule:
Flow Rate / Initial Dosage / Maintenance
Up to 20,000 gpd / 1 pouch every other day for 10 days / 1 pouch per week
20,000 to 50,000 gpd / 1 pouch per day for 10 days / 2 pouches per week
50,000 to 500,000 gpd / 2 pouches per day for 10 days / 1 pouch per day
500,000+ gpd / 5 pouches per day for 10 days / 1 pouch per day


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