Part#: 332238
Weight: 0.5 lbs
Brand: Master Lock

Master Lock® Vault Bluetooth Indoor Lock

  • Complete control of access management
  • Keyless system; no keys or fobs to lose
  • Increased accountability with audit trail
Price: $147.95
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Whether it’s one lock or thousands, Master Lock Vault Enterprise provides unmatched security, simplicity and accountability. An easy-to-use web interface controls and manages these keyless padlocks and lock boxes. Use your smartphone to perform locking and unlocking though the user-friendly Master Lock Vault Enterprise app. The software and app have no monthly fees!

Bluetooth® access via mobile devices creates an audit trail for record keeping, and transmits your data back to the cloud. Each lock in your system is individually programmable and tracked.

You control who has access to valuable infrastructure and equipment—and when Administrators can grant access to individuals, multiple users and user groups temporarily or on an ongoing basis through the web interface. Add users individually or in bulk up to 50 at a time. Bulk users can be imported from Outlook, Google or pasted from a spreadsheet. Temporary codes can be provided, so employees without phones can have access.

To optimize scheduling and enhance security, you can issue and revoke access in real time. The global history report lets you know who attempted to open the lock, when they attempted to do it and how they attempted to do it. Software is compatible with Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Master Lock’s Bluetooth padlocks feature a wide metal body for durability. They offer maximum resistance to cutting and sawing, and have a protective coating that prevents scratches. Each has an easy-to-replace standard lithium ion battery that lasts for over 10,000 entries or up to three years.

Padlocks are available in indoor and outdoor versions. Indoor padlock is weather-resistant to 25°F; outdoor padlock is resistant to -13°F.


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