Part#: 330719
Weight: 4.2 lbs

IntelliDox Docking Station for Honeywell BW™ Ultra‚ 330712-330715

  • Performs the quickest bump test in the industry for increased uptime and no wasted calibration gas
  • Automatically Maintain Accurate Records
  • Full two-year warranty
Price: $2,238.95
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Automate calibration and bump testing of your BW Technologies gas detectors with the IntelliDoX docking system. Each docking module features its own LCD screen and internal pump (flow rate of 350 mL/min), which lets you perform more than one operation at the same time on multiple devices. It’s easy to daisy chain together up to five docking modules. Whether you want to bump test three detectors or calibrate others, you can get more done in less time.

The IntelliDoX docking system includes Fleet Manager II software that offers easy record keeping of bump tests, peak exposure and other gas detection data. This software creates user-friendly reports of all of your gas detector's activity. One enabler kit (sold separately) is required for each stand-alone IntelliDoX module or gang of up to 5 connected modules. Docking module operates on 12V power supply.

The nest is the area where the gas detector is placed in the docking station and are specific to a gas detector model. They are removable from the docking station, and a different nest can be installed, utilyzing the same base. If a variety of gas detectors are used but will not be inserted into the docking station at the same time, one complete docking system for one gas detector and the nests for other gas detectors can be purchased, saving money and counter space from multiple base units that aren't needed.

System includes: one IntelliDoX module with a factory-installed nest , single inlet key, integrated stand/wall mount, attached end plate and reference guide.