Part#: 68492
Weight: 42.0 lbs
Brand: Norweco

Norweco Phos-4-Fade® Phosphorus Removal Tablets

  • For use in all types of tablet feeders
  • Versatile—works well in low‚ intermittent or high flows
Price: $185.00
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Reduce phosphorus levels in wastewater‚ storm water and process water with Phos-4-Fade phosphorus removal tablets. The formula is manufactured from pure 93% aluminum sulfate that effectively removes phosphorus and inhibits algae growth during low‚ variable‚ intermittent or high flows. Tablets are safer than ferric chloride liquid and provide more accurate treatment with less sludge generation than granular alum.

These tablets are packaged in convenient resealable 35-lb DOT-approved containers. They’re compatible with any major gravity or pressure-rated tablet feeders.

Caution: Phos-4-Fade should never come in direct contact with chlorine-containing compounds.

Note: Treated water should be at or near neutral pH. Not for use with potable water.