3M™ EMS 4" Ball Marker‚ CATV‚ 1407-XR
    Compatible with all brands of EMS locators
    Rugged polyethylene construction ensures years of service

    Item: 31394
    Weight: 25.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $10.95 

    Mark buried utilities quickly and easily with these marker balls and disks. Passive electronic markers provide a unique electronic signature when activated by all types of EMS locators. Unlike surface markers such as stakes, flags or paint, these markers won't be inadvertently moved or worn away by weather.

    3M EMS Marker Balls feature a spherical design, making them detectable no matter which way they are facing. Just toss them in your trench, cover and you’re ready to start locating. Balls measure 4" in diameter.

    Tech Specs
    • Utility: Cable TV
    • Color: Orange/Black
    • Frequency: 77.0 kHz

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