Part#: 300039
Weight: 1.0 lbs
Brand: Flexi-Hinge

Flexi-Hinge Blower Check Valve‚ Aluminum‚ 2"‚ H2-502M-3330

  • High-performance‚ high-efficiency next-generation design
  • Engineered to handle up to 200 psi
Price: $100.95
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These full-port valves incorporate a next-generation design that delivers superior performance at pressures up to 200 psi. They feature a unique center post that supports the valve plate to protect the hinge/seal from adverse loading. There are no metal-to-metal rotating points or seats that can wear out‚ ensuring a long service life.

All Flexi-Hinge valves operate without a spring; they open at pressures of just 0.10 psi and provide positive sealing with only 0.5 psi of backpressure. Repair kits (sold separately) fit all styles.

Tech Specs
  • Valve construction: aluminum
  • Seals: silicone with aluminum backing
  • Max PSI rating: 200
  • Operating temp range: -100 to 500°F
  • Connections: threaded
  • Width: 4"