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Part#: 41658
Weight: 27.0 lbs

Cutrine® Ultra Algaecide/Herbicide‚ 2.5-Gallon Jug

  • Penetrating surfactant increases activity on hard-to-control algae
  • EPA Registration #8595-53
Price: $128.60
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Cutrine Ultra is specially formulated to combat thick cell-walled filamentous algae‚ mucilaginous planktonic algae‚ cyanobacteria‚ green algae‚ golden algae and diatoms‚ as well as copper-sensitive aquatic plants. The penetrating surfactant helps the active ingredient enter and break down tough algae cells. Ethanolamines prevents the precipitation of copper when carbonates and bicarbonates are in the water. Treated water may be used immediately after treatment.

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  • Dosage Schedule: Apply 0.6 to 3 gallons per acre-foot.