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Part#: 90138
Weight: 22.0 lbs

Quattro-DB Ultrasonic Algae Control Transducer with Float and Flag‚ 120 VAC

  • Controls algae and biofilm without chemicals
  • Use in lakes‚ reservoirs‚ wastewater treatment lagoons‚ clarifiers and sedimentation basins
  • Quattro-DB offers 360° coverage for water bodies up to 120 acres
Price: $6,187.00
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These environmentally-friendly algae control systems use ultrasonic waves to disable most blue-green and green algae and prohibit biofilm growth. They are easy to install and maintain‚ and can run on AC or DC power.

In source water applications‚ this system help increase filter run times; reduce chlorine usage‚ THMs and HAAs; and improve water taste and odor. In wastewater treatment lagoons‚ this system helps maintain healthy DO levels to ensure adequate treatment‚ and avoid odor problems and high TSS.

The Quattro-DB emits over 2‚000 ultrasonic frequencies and provides 360° coverage with just one transducer—making it the most efficient ultrasound product in the marketplace. It disables algae via critical structural resonance without harmful cavitation. Bacterial biofilm growth is controlled by mimicking continuous water turbulence to prevent colonization. Range of coverage depends on algae type (green algae and diatoms up to 17 acres; blue-green algae up to 120 acres per transducer).

Includes: float with a flag and 85-140 VAC power supply (powers up to two transducers) with North American-style plug. Required power supply cables sold separately. 3-year warranty.

Note: Cable lengths up to 250 meters and different power supplies‚ including solar power‚ are available. Contact us for details.

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