Part#: 90124
Weight: 36.0 lbs
Brand: Aquafix Inc

VitaStim Rebuild‚ (60) 0.5-lb Pouches

  • Gets your plant up and running after an upset
  • Great for starting a new plant
Price: $509.00
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VitaStim Rebuild contains a combination of specially selected bacteria and biostimulants suited to start or re-start a plant. The bacteria are selected for their ability to floc quickly, so they will remain in the treatment plant instead of being washed out the back end. The biostimulants work to promote quick establishment of the new bacteria. When used in combination with a load of seed sludge, the biostimulants will also boost the health of the sludge's bacteria. Packaged in 1/2-lb water-soluble pouches in a 30-lb pail.

Dosage Schedule:
Initial Dose: 1 lb daily for every 100,000 GPD
Maintenance Dose: 1/2 lb daily for every 100,000 GPD

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