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    USABlueBook® 2.5" Flow Testing Diffuser w/ 100 PSI/1680 GPM Gauge
    360° orientation to direct discharge
    Quick disconnect fittings for gauges (includes 4" 100 PSI gauge)
    Lightweight aluminum construction

    Item: 53143
    Weight: 10.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $468.95 

    This 2.5" flow testing diffuser with pitot assembly makes flow testing and hydrant flushing quick and easy, while keeping you and your surroundings dry. The diffuser rotates 360° so you can direct the water discharge to a safe, convenient location. Built-in baffle reduces the pressure of the spray.

    The pitot assembly consists of a 3-way valve, snubber and pitot tube,all made from brass for corrosion resistance. The 4" sub-zero glycerin-filled gauge is designed for extreme conditions and use. The lightweight aluminum diffuser plus pitot assembly only weighs 7 lbs.

    Includes: diffuser, 4" glycerin-filled gauge, 1/4" snubber, 1/4" 3-way valve and 1/4" pitot tube.

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