Part#: 77694
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FTI PF Drum Pump Kit‚ 40" PVDF Tube‚ 115-VAC M3T Motor‚ DPFV027

  • Unique double-suction impeller provides both high flow and high head
  • PVDF construction
Price: $1,429.95
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FTI PF series drum pumps deliver sealless‚ high-performance fluid transfer. Complete drum pump kits simplify ordering in new applications. Individual motors and pump tubes are also available for maintaining or upgrading existing equipment (sold separately). All PF series motors and tubes are easily interchangeable.

Pump tubes handle specific gravities up to 1.8. Unique foot and impeller housing design allow easy servicing. Models all feature a 1" discharge hose barb. Hose barbs offer flow steps that let you limit your maximum flow. Tubes also include hose and cord storage clips. 40" tubes are recommended for use with 55-gallon drums.

Features electric TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motor. Use TEFC motors for applications with corrosive fumes. It can handle viscosities up to 500 cP. Includes a 12' power cord.

Chemical Compatibility: aluminum sulfate‚ calcium hydroxide‚ citric acid‚ ferric chloride‚ hydrochloric acid‚ hydrofluosilicic acid‚ hydrogen peroxide‚ polymers‚ potassium permanganate‚ soda ash‚ sodium hypochlorite‚ sodium bisulfate‚ sodium hydroxide‚ sulfuric acid. Call if you don’t see your chemical listed here.

Complete drum pump kits include: pump motor‚ pump tube‚ polypropylene bung adapter and 5’L PVC discharge hose with clamp.

Tech Specs
  • Material: PVDF
  • Length: 40"
  • Motor: M3T; Constand speed‚ TEFC 115 VAC
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