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    Page 1330 Specs Manual
    FTI EF Series Drum Pump Tube‚ 48"‚ PVDF‚ DEFV004
    PVDF construction

    Item: 42414
    Weight: 5.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $359.95 

    Lightweight and economical‚ FTI EF series drum pumps are designed for light-duty transfer applications. They’re an ideal upgrade from standard hand drum pumps. Complete drum pump kits are available to simplify ordering in new applications (sold separately). Use Individual pump tubes for maintaining or upgrading existing equipment. All EF series motors and tubes are easily interchangeable.

    Pump tubes handle specific gravities up to 1.6. All feature a 3/4" hose barb discharge. Includes hose and cord storage clips‚ as well as an inlet strainer to protect against debris.

    Chemical Compatibility: aluminum sulfate‚ calcium hydroxide‚ citric acid‚ ferric chloride‚ hydrochloric acid‚ hydrofluosilicic acid‚ hydrogen peroxide‚ polymers‚ potassium permanganate‚ soda ash‚ sodium hypochlorite‚ sodium bisulfate‚ sodium hydroxide‚ sulfuric acid. Call if you don’t see your chemical listed here.

    Tech Specs
    • Length: 48"
    • Material: PVDF
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