Part#: 60559
Weight: 50.0 lbs

Phycomycin® Algaecide for Bluegreen Algae‚ 50 Lb Bag

  • Concentrated formula targets blue-green algae
  • Safe for fish, including copper-sensitive species
Price: $125.40
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Phycomycin SCP Algaecide targets bluegreen algae in lakes, ponds, canals, wastewater and drinking water reservoirs. Its granular, 100% soluble formula contains an 85% active concentrated form of sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate (SCP). When exposed to water, it forms hydrogen peroxide which rapidly kills algae and releases dissolved oxygen into the water.

This algaecide has a high margin of safety for fish at application rates required to control algae, including copper-sensitive species and other non-target organisms.

Dosage Schedule: Apply 3 to 100 lbs per acre-foot of water, adjusting dosage based on the severity of growth and species present. Maximum use level for potable water is 33 mg/L.

Shipping: Ships motor freight.