Part#: 74019
Weight: 0.5 lbs

2-Mehoxyethanol‚ ACS 500 mL‚ MX0515-6

  • High quality solvents for every application
Price: $77.40
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Purity and efficiency makes all the difference in your analysis. EMD Millipore solvents are synonymous with high reliability and best quality. They undergo continuous development to meet increasing quality requirements.

ACS grade chemicals strike the perfect balance between quality and value. They meet or exceed ACS standards with EMD Millipore’s well-known reputation for quality.

Part#: 202688
Pyridne‚ ACS‚ 500 mL‚  (HM) PX2020-6
Price: $123.95
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Part#: 73994
EMD Millipore Chloroform‚ ACS 500 mL‚ CX1055-6
Price: $78.35
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Part#: 74025
EMD Millipore Xylenes‚ ACS 500 mL‚ XX0055-6
Price: $45.75
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Part#: 73990
EMD Millipore Benzene‚ ACS 500 mL‚ BX0220-6
Price: $61.65
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