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    Chemtrol 3-Way True Union Ball Valve‚ PVC/EPDM‚ 1-1/2 in SOC‚ MA783AC
    Full-port design for minimal flow restriction
    Three positions: on-off-on

    Item: 56198
    Weight: 3.7 lbs
    Catalog Price: $169.95 

    Chemtrol three-way ball valves feature true union connections, making removal and maintenance easy. Three-position design allows flow to be diverted to the left port or right port, or to be shut off completely. For added convenience, the handle also serves as a carrier wrench for use when servicing the ball.

    Note: CPVC valves, diverter or mixing valves, and threaded end connections are available. Contact USABlueBook for more information.

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