Part#: 39798
Weight: 35.0 lbs
Brand: Aquafix Inc

Aquafix VitaStim Low F:M Bacterial Supplement, 30-lb Pail (30 1-lb Water-Soluble Packs)

  • Improve settling and prevent filaments
  • Create a healthier biomass
Price: $443.10
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Use VitaStim Low F:M to improve biological function in your municipal or industrial applications. It stimulates the biological community, creating a robust environment with excellent nutrient uptake and better settling. It also limits the growth of filament populations commonly found in low F:M conditions. Packaged in 1-lb water-soluble packs in a 30-lb pail.

Tech Specs
  • Dosage schedule: 2 lbs per day per 500,000 gallons of daily flow