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    Zurn Wilkins Custom Length DC Backflow‚ 350ASTR‚ 3 in‚ 3-350ASTR-A
    Custom length stainless spool piece makes your exact lay length—perfect for retrofits
    Ships within two business days

    Item: 56304
    Weight: 120.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $1,739.95 

    Use Zurn Wilkins Custom Length Backflow Preventers for all your replacement and retrofit jobs. Offering all the great features of Zurn Wilkins stainless steel 350 and 375AST models‚ these unique backflow preventers offer the added benefit of a custom-length stainless steel spool piece. Spool piece is incorporated into the factory-built assembly‚ giving you a professional final appearance while eliminating the need to cobble together pieces of cut pipe.

    To order your custom-sized backflow‚ determine your required face-to-face dimension (lay length) and specify length at time of order. Note: Please measure multiple times to ensure accuracy. Custom-length backflow preventers ship within two business days from one of several manufacturing centers around the US.

    Shipping: Ships motor freight.

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