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    Zenner FHZ30 Hydrant Meter w/ Gate Valve‚ Gallons‚ FHZ30SUS-GV
    Designed for temporary installation
    Tested to comply with AWWA C701 Class II performance standards
    Also available with built-in check valve or shut-off gate valve

    Item: 88978
    Weight: 25.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $1,039.95 

    Accurately invoice construction and pool contractors‚ landscapers or any business needing a temporary water source. Simply attach these portable meters to a hydrant for precise water flow measurements. Meters feature a turbine-type measuring element‚ sealed register‚ stainless steel hardware and brass lid cover. Register includes totalizer and a sweep hand. A flow restrictor limits the maximum flow to 600 gpm to prevent damage from excessive flow rates.

    Available with or without valves. Use hydrant meters with 2-1/2" gate valve to regulate flow. Internal check valves prevent backflow and cross contamination of water supply.

    Includes: 2-1/2" NST(F) swivel with strainer connection and 2-1/2" NST(M) hose connection.

    Tech Specs
    • Gate Valve: Yes
    • Internal Check Valve: No
    • Pressure Rating: 150 psi
    • Flow Range: 2.5 to 600 gpm max

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