Page 541 Specs Manual
    Zenner FHZ25 Fire Hydrant Meter‚ Cubic Feet‚ FHZ25SCF
    Flow restrictor prevents damage from excessive flow rates
    Tested to comply with AWWA C701 Class II performance standards
    Also available with optional shut-off gate valve

    Item: 88973
    Weight: 20.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $799.95 

    These lightweight‚ portable hydrant meters feature an aluminum main case‚ turbine-type measuring element‚ sealed register‚ aluminum cover plate‚ stainless steel hardware and brass lid cover. Register includes totalizer and a sweep hand. A flow restrictor limits the maximum flow to 600 gpm to prevent damage from excessive flow rates. Choose hydrant meters with 2-1/2" gate valves to regulate flow.

    Includes: 2-1/2" NST(F) swivel with strainer connection and 2-1/2" NST(M) hose connection.

    Tech Specs
    • Gate Valve: No
    • Pressure rating: 150 psi
    • Flow range: 2.5 to 600 max gpm
    • Length with Gate Valve: 20" / Length without Gate Valve: 15"
    • Weight with Gate Valve: 24 lbs / Weight without Gate Valve: 20 lbs

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