Water Supply Operations DVD: Jar Testing‚ 64109
    American Water Works Association
    19 minutes

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    This DVD guides water treatment operators to successful and cost-effective jar-testing results. Water treatment professionals recognize the jar test as the most valuable and most commonly used tool for determining correct coagulant dosage in a water treatment plant. The quality of raw water entering the plant can change quickly. Jar tests help operators rapidly respond to those changes. Jar testing is also used to evaluate other process changes, such as chemical application point within a treatment train, on treated water quality. Overdosing, under-dosing, or using the wrong combination of pretreatment chemicals can cost thousands of dollars in wasted materials and personnel hours. By learning the proper methodology for jar testing and employing it in everyday use, operators will improve treatment efficiency and save time and money for the utility.

    • Purpose of jar testing
    • Recommended jar testing equipment
    • Preparation of stock solutions
    • Importance of calibrating jar testing equipment
    • How to conduct a jar test
    • How to evaluate test results
    • A working example of jar testing

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