Part#: 44339
Weight: 6.0 lbs

MicroDock II for GasAlertQuattro Detectors‚ DOCK2-2-1C1N-00-G

  • Portable operation—no need for a computer
  • 2-year warranty
Price: $1,779.95
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Automate calibration and bump testing of BW GasAlertMax XT II, BW GasAlertMicro, BW GasAlertQuattro or BW GasAlertMicroClip gas detectors with this docking system. Its base station recognizes, calibrates, tests, charges and event records for each detector docked into a docking module. The included BW Fleet Manager II software lets you create user-friendly reports. System comes with one docking module, but you can expand it to manage up to 10 gas detectors (additional modules sold separately). Base station operates on either 110V or four C-cell batteries; docking module operates on 110V only.

Systems include: base station, one docking module, BW Fleet Manager II software, 128-MB memory card, USB cable, calibration hose and fittings, inlet filter assembly, two 110V power adapters (one each for the base and docking module), four C-cell alkaline batteries, if desired) and user manual.

For a complete system: order docking system, gas detector, demand flow regulator and calibration gas.


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