GHS Container Labeling Employee Booklets 15/PK‚ B0001560EX
    New GHS system standardizes the labeling of chemicals worldwide
    These informative programs cover what you need to comply with OSHA’s GHS training requirements

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    GHS‚ or Globally Harmonized System‚ is a worldwide program that provides a consistent‚ global system of classifying chemical hazards on labels and safety data sheets. These training programs contain what you and your employees need to know to comply with OSHA’s newly adopted GHS regulations. Three different training programs are available.

    GHS Container Labeling discusses the six types of information contained on a GHS container label‚ and the difference between GHS labels and other types of chemical hazard labels. Course topics include: How the GHS changes chemical hazard labeling; GHS label text elements; GHS label pictograms; and phase-in dates.

    Employee booklets help reinforce the topic after employees have completed their training. These fully illustrated 16-page booklets include a one-page quiz. Sold in packs of 15.

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