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    Kochek® Bottom Guard Strainer‚ 2-1/2" NST
    Strainers rise or fall to your level
    Floating strainer voted Best Water Handling Innovation by Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Magazine

    Item: 52489
    Weight: 7.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $295.95 

    Kochek strainers feature tough powder-coated aluminum construction. Each strainer has a carrying handle for easy transport and placement. Choose floating or bottom guard strainers.

    Bottom guard strainers let you pull water from the bottom of your tank‚ pond or anywhere else you need dewatering. Swiveling guard uses gravity to always place itself beneath the strainer‚ keeping mud and silt out of your strainer‚ and more importantly out of your pump.

    Note: Strainers are available in virtually any size and connection combination. Contact USABlueBook for more information.

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