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    Jameson Duct Hunter™ Live Water Line Tracer, 3/16" x 300'
    Locate any plastic pipe without tracer wire
    Stuffing box keeps water from leaking while you trace the line
    3/16"Dia rod available in 100 to 300’ lengths

    Item: 10637
    Weight: 16.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $906.00 

    Easily locate live non-metallic water lines running from your customer’s meter to the main water line or home. Jameson’s Duct Hunter water tracer uses a 3/16" flexible fiberglass rod with a copper tracer wire to trace inside 1/2" to 4" diameter pipes. Use with a locator to trace the line from above the ground.

    Push the rod through the included stuffing box‚ which is gasketed to prevent water leaks at pressures up to 100 psi. The handle and lightweight frame offer easy transport. Rod is available in 100’ to 300’ lengths.

    Includes: traceable fiberglass rod (copper wire core‚ polymer coating); reel with stand; SpyO cable lubricant; hex key driver; stuffing box with 6" nipple (3/4" thread); five O-rings; three screws; replacement tip with epoxy; and accessory pouch.

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