Part#: 204821
Weight: 1.0 lbs
Brand: Hach Company

Hach Submerged Area Velocity Sensor, 77065-030

  • Accurately read flow in open channels and partially filled pipes
  • Designed to resist fouling in wastewater and stormwater installations
  • For use with Hach FL1500 flow meters, FL900 battery-powered loggers and AS950 samplers
Price: $1,408.00
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Accurately measure flow rates in open channels and partially filled pipes with the Hach Submerged Area Velocity Sensor (SubAV). Its 2-in-1 design pairs an acoustic doppler flow sensor with a pressure transducer to calculate flow. Rugged and reliable, it automatically corrects for swings in water temperature and salinity concentration to produce precise flow data at any site—whether at your plant or a remote location.

Sensors mount in the bottom of partially filled open channel systems (with consideration for silt buildup) and should be covered by at least 0.8" of liquid at all times. Optional installation band accessories let you mount sensors in pipe openings. These non-oil-filled sensors are for use at reasonably clear sites or sites where the pipe may become dry, which will not affect the integral pressure transducer.

The SubAV sensor is for use with Hach's FL1500 meters, FL900 loggers and select AS950 samplers. It communicates flow data to these devices via the AV9000 analyzer module (sold separately, or available pre-installed on select meters and loggers). The AV9000 features advanced signal processing and filtering options that let you use your sensor in difficult applications that call for better resolution. For peace of mind, the AV9000's advanced diagnostics let you verify that your sensor is working properly before you leave the site.

Includes: sensor with 30'L cable, circular terminating connector, and an inline desiccant hub assembly. For a complete system, order a SubAV sensor, flow meter/logger/sampler, compatible AV9000 analyzer module, and pipe installation accessories as needed per application.

Tech Specs
  • Range: velocity, -5 to 20 ft/s; level, 0 to 10 ft
  • Materials: Noryl® shell, epoxy potting, stainless steel, urethane cable
  • Voltage: supplied by compatible instrument module
  • Compatibility: via Hach AV9000 module installed in FL1500 flow meters, FL900 loggers, AS950 samplers
  • Dimensions: 1.5"W x 0.9"H x 5.31"D
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