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    Page 362-363 Specs Manual
    Fluke® 365 True RMS Clamp-On Meter with Detachable Jaws
    Detachable wireless display option lets you view remote measurements yourself—no need for help from a coworker

    Item: 37490
    Weight: 4.4 lbs
    Catalog Price: $269.99 

    Fluke’s clamp meters offer a full range of capabilities. Use these state-of-the-art units to meet your most demanding requirements for safety, performance and flexibility. Their advanced signal processing provides stable readings on non-linear signals, even in noisy electrical environments. Meters feature a large easy-to-read display that automatically sets to the correct measurement range.

    Fluke 365 standard meters offer a wider capacitance range and CAT III 600V safety rating. The meter also features a detachable jaw for easy access to wires and clear viewing of the display. 3 year warranty.

    Includes: batteries, TL75 test leads, magnetic hanging strap and carrying case.

    Tech Specs
    • AC/DC Current: 200A
    • AC/DC Voltage: 600V
    • Jaw Opening: 0.7"
    • Resistance: 6000Ω
    • Continuity/diode test: Yes

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