Page 75 SDS Manual
    Sonar™ RTU Aquatic Weed Herbicide, 1 Quart
    Ready to use - apply directly to your pond
    Controls duckweed and other nuisance aquatic weeds
    Effective against the entire weed - roots and all

    Item: 70121
    Weight: 2.7 lbs
    Catalog Price: $130.95 

    Control aquatic weeds including duckweed, milfoil and hydrilla safely and easily with Sonar RTU herbicide. Apply this ready-to-use formula directly to your pond. It’s absorbed by aquatic plants, with any remaining chemical being broken down by sunlight. Results are noticeable in 3 to 6 weeks. For best results, apply Sonar RTU from February to June.

    Note: Consult with appropriate state or local water authorities before applying this product.

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