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Part#: 11237
Weight: 30.0 lbs

Amiad Easy-Clean Water Filter, 100 Micron Scanaway, 3" FLG

  • Designed for fast and easy cleaning
  • No cartridge replacement
  • Selected models for sand and algae
Price: $969.95
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Amiad filters are the most operator-friendly for applications where frequent cleaning is required due to solids build-up. Filter housings are made of a non-corrosive thermoplastic material rated for 150 psi at 140°F. Our screens and disc filters are sized for 100 microns. Other micron sizes are available ranging from 22 to 800, depending on the filter size and type.

Select 316 SS screen filters to remove inorganic solid particles like sand. Screen cartridges are much more efficient than discs when filtering sand because of inorganic holding capacity in the center of the screen. Screen filter housings are equipped with ball valves for routine flushing under system pressure to minimize the need to disassemble for cleaning.

Grooved, stacked polypropylene disc filters will filter out sand but have less capacity for accumulation of particles. However, they hold far more organic solids. Use of disc elements in algae filtration can lengthen the time between cleaning by almost 3 to 1. You can clean and reuse disc filters indefinitely.

We also offer 2" and 3" ScanAway screen filters with built-in suction scanners that do not touch the inside of the screen. ScanAway filters let you clean the screen surface without removing it from the housing. A clog indicator kit set for 7-psi differential is standard on ScanAway filters and offered as an option on others.

Amiad also offers other models that provide fully automatic self-cleaning operation. Filter housings can be converted in the field from screen to disc and vice-versa. Contact USABlueBook for more details.