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    Immacul-Aire Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Scrubber
    Special clearance offer. While supplies last.
    Protect circuit panels from hydrogen sulfide gas and dust
    Injects clean air directly into your control cabinet

    Item: 13463
    Weight: 24.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $383.97 

    Hydrogen sulfide gas can cause serious corrosion damage to pressurized control cabinets. Prevent this corrosion before it occurs by attaching the Immacul-Aire gas scrubber to your cabinet. The control unit’s 115V continuous-duty motor keeps clean air injected into your cabinet. The thermally protected motor features an auto reset and produces air flow up to 124 cfm.

    For a complete Immacul-Aire scrubber‚ order a control unit‚ a H2S specialized activated carbon cartridge‚ a pleated air filter and a washable foam filter. Carbon cartridges have a 2-year life.

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