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    ABS RW 200 Submersible Mixer w/ 8" Propellers‚ 2.1 HP‚ 460 VAC‚ R2022
    Designed to meet the demands of a wastewater environment
    Guide rail mounting for easy installation and maintenance

    Item: 63602
    Weight: 66.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $3,809.95 

    These compact submersible mixers are designed for a wide range of applications around the wastewater facility. They are an effective option for mixing lift stations to eliminate buildup and floating crusts. You can also use them in equalization tanks, aeration basins or sludge holding tanks as the primary or supplemental mixer.

    The R2022 can mix tanks up to 12' diameter (10' x 16' rectangular) and the R2821 can mix tanks up to 16' diameter (13' x 20' rectangular). Install multiple mixers for use in larger tanks or to provide more mixing energy.

    A solids deflection ring protects the mechanical seal from damage and the blockage-free propeller will not be clogged by trash. Adjust the position on the mixer bracket to change the mixer angle. You can also use the installation bracket to adjust the direction of the mixer.

    Multiple installation options are available. The wall/floor pedestal base option is anchored to your tank and does not allow the mixer to be removed while the tank is full. Additional installation options are available by special order; contact USABlueBook for details.

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