Part#: 77406
Weight: 0.4 lbs
Brand: Hach Company

(HM) Hach Arsenic Test Kit‚ (Test Strips) 0-500ppb‚ 100 tests‚ 2800000

  • Safe‚ low-cost method to measure arsenic in water
  • Complies with the EPA arsenic rule; measures below 10 ppb of arsenic
Price: $197.00
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Hach’s economical arsenic test kits let you easily determine arsenic concentrations in the lab or field. Kits use powdered reagents and arsenic test strips to minimize your exposure to arsine gas. Test results are generated in 30 minutes. Choose from two kits.

Low-range test kit is best for samples containing sulfide or arsenic-iron particles. It has a high recovery of arsenic (100%) and can measure organic arsenic with some additional steps.

High-range test kit takes fewer steps and is more economical. While this test recovers 90% of inorganic arsenic‚ it does not have an option to measure organic arsenic.

Includes: reagents for 100 tests‚ reaction vessel‚ test strips‚ comparison chart‚ and rugged carrying case.

Note: Contains mercury; dispose of according to local‚ state and federal regulations.

Tech Specs
  • Range: 0 to 500 ppb
  • Increments: 0‚ 10‚ 30‚ 50‚ 70‚ 300‚ 500 ppb
  • # tests: 100