Part#: 68750
Weight: 30.0 lbs
Brand: _Unspecified

Reverse Osmosis System 50 gpd

  • Produces up to 50 gpd of treated water
  • Everything needed for a complete system—comes fully assembled
Price: $318.50
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This is a complete reverse osmosis treatment system that’s easy to install and is ideal for treating drinking and process water at the plant or office. System includes 3/8" tubing, top quality sediment and carbon block pre-filters, carbon post-filter, 4-gallon polypropylene storage tank, and a long-reach, lead-free chrome faucet (meets State of California requirements). The tank and filter housings are manufactured with NSF-listed components. The polypropylene tank will not rust, dent or chip.

For optimal performance, impurities in the inlet water to the system must not exceed the following levels:

TDS – 2000 ppm; iron – 0.3 ppm; hardness – 12 gpg; hydrogen sulfide – 0 ppm; manganese – 0.05 ppm.

Minimum inlet pressure is 30 psi. Maximum pressure is 100 psi.