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Part#: 46954
Weight: 44.0 lbs
Brand: USABlueBook

USABlueBook® Formula Nitro Bacteria Supplement‚ 5 Gallons

  • Fast compliance and ammonia control
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USABlueBook Formula Nitro removes ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. It uses selected strains of both Nitrosomonas spp. and Nitrobacter spp. that function over a wider range of pH values than those normally encountered in the nitrifying population.

Adaptation and selection techniques are also employed, increasing the toxic threshold limiting concentrations of ammonia, nitrate and nitrite, which inhibit the growth of these extremely sensitive microorganisms.

Shipping: Quantities of 7+ ship motor freight.

Dosage Schedule

Flow Rate / Initial Dosage / Maintenance**
Up to 5,000 gpd / 1/2 quart per day for 2 days / 1 quart per week
Up to 50,000 gpd / 2 quarts* / 2 quarts per week
Up to 250,000 gpd / 1 gallon* / 1/2 quart per day
Up to 500,000 gpd / 1-1/2 gallons* / 1 quart per day
Up to 1 MGD / 2-1/2 gallons* / 1 quart per day
Up to 5 MGD / 2 gallons per MGD* / 1 quart per day
Up to 12 MGD / 2 gallons per MGD* / 2 quarts per MGD per day
Up to 100 MGD / 2 gallons per MGD* / 1 gallon per MGD per day

*Apply this amount in one dosage.
**Add as regularly as possible. If a day is missed, add that day’s product with the next dosage.

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