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    Banjo VA200 2 90 Degree Angle Ball Valve Polypropylene
    Precision-molded polypropylene is reinforced with fiberglass for additional strength
    PTFE self-lubricated stem bushing and seats prevent binding and sticking
    FKM seals

    Item: 37908
    Weight: 3.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $45.95 

    Banjo’s reliable ball valves have a self-aligning ball that moves freely against the PTFE seats for smooth operation. The ball is diamond-turned after molding to make it spherically perfect, which provides precise contact between the ball and seats. The valves open and close with very little pressure on the handle.

    Choose from Banjo’s standard bolted ball valves and ball valves with a 90° nozzle. The lightweight 90° nozzle models have a hose end that provides convenient liquid transfer. If you need a different Banjo valve, USABluebook has access to Banjo’s complete line. Please contact us for details.

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