Part#: 26229
Weight: 1.0 lbs

PVC Ball Valve 1/2" SOC/THRD Viton Seals w/vent hole

  • PVC construction, PTFE seat
  • FKM (comparable to Viton®) seals provide excellent chemical resistance
Price: $69.95
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Asahi/America True Union ball valves feature a double O-ring stem design. The upper O-ring groove is deeper than the lower groove, so if the stem breaks, it breaks at the upper groove, leaving the lower O-ring to prevent leakage.

PVC valves are NSF-61 certified. Features vent hole for sodium hypochlorite applications. The 1/8" vent hole prevents excessive gas pressure from developing between the ball and the valve body.

All valves listed are also available with actuators; contact USABlueBook for more information. You can also add Asahi actuators at any time without removing the valve from the line.

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Tech Specs
  • Length: 4.45"/4.02"
  • Max psi rating: 230 psi
  • Applications: on/off service, sodium hypochlorite service
  • Connections: NPT(F) & socket (F)
  • Temperature: 140°F