Part#: 25582
Weight: 25.0 lbs

Pipe Tongs Model HC 9-3/4" 3000 lb Load

  • Lift lengths of pipe quickly and safely
  • Use for loading and unloading pipe from trucks
Price: $1,159.95
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Crescent pipe tongs are your answer for easy, safe and efficient handling of any type or size of pipe. If you have been using a chain to handle lengths of pipe, you know that it is hard to position the loop around the pipe at the balance point. There is a very real danger of the pipe slipping through the chain loop, and it is often hard to remove the chain from under the pipe after the pipe is in place. Tongs eliminate all of these problems. They are easily adjusted to the balance point and provide a positive grip that will not slip if properly used. And after the pipe is in place, the tong releases automatically.

Crescent tongs are manufactured of lightweight aluminum alloy for easy handling. They conform to applicable state and federal safety standards, and comply with OSHA safety orders. Instructions for safe and proper use is provided with each tong.

Note: Crescent pipe tongs are designed to lift pipe vertically while the pipe is horizontal to the ground, with only one length of pipe lifted at a time. Tongs are not designed to withstand side loads. They may break during side pulls and void all warranties.

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