Part#: 75181
Weight: 0.2 lbs
Brand: _Unspecified

Gate Box Aligner

  • Keeps valve box aligned during backfilling
Price: $8.95
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This high-strength plastic device eliminates re-digging a valve box base that has shifted off center during the backfilling process. Installs easily—just remove the valve’s operating nut and slide it over the valve stem. When in place, the aligner automatically centers the valve box base around the operating nut, preventing the backfill material from interfering with the valve operation while still allowing surface water to drain out. Any debris that does enter the valve box is quickly and easily flushed out using air or water.

1-1/8"H x 8"D with 1" shaft hole and 1-1/4" cutout step for standard valve box bell base. Shaft hole can be enlarged for larger shafts.