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Part#: 28225
Weight: 1.2 lbs
Brand: Hach Company

Hach GLI PRO-E3 Electrodeless Conductivity Transmitter‚ PRO-E3A1N

  • Single sensor input and single 4-20 mA output
  • Electrodeless (toroidal) measurement eliminates sensor polarization and coating problems
  • Measures conductivity, TDS or % concentration along with temperature
Price: $664.00
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This field-proven transmitter uses electrodeless conductivity sensor technology to measure conductivity as high as two Siemens. Electrodeless measurement eliminates polarization and electrode coating problems that can occur with traditional contacting conductivity sensors.

Set this transmitter to measure conductivity, TDS or % concentration along with temperature. Measure conductivity in µS, mS or S; total dissolved solids in ppm; or % concentration. The built-in concentration tables measure the most common solutions, or you can define and program your own concentration curves.

The multiple-language, menu-driven display quickly guides you through setup, calibration, operation, and test/maintenance functions. Calibrate the sensor either at a single point to a reference standard, or at a zero point where the sensor is exposed to air and automatically zeroed out. Password protection restricts access to the configuration and calibration screens.

Wire these transmitters in two-, three-, or four-wire hookup arrangements. The transmitter features universal mounting (panel, wall, pipe or integral sensor). Choose from sensors constructed from polypropylene or PEEK. Polypropylene is recommended for clean water applications; PEEK is recommended for wastewater applications.

Note: Must use electrodeless sensors (stock #28226 or 28227)