Cherne Air-Loc® Front Plug, 8 to 12"

    Item: 18272
    Weight: 15.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $605.00 

    Use Air-Loc leak locator plugs for pressure testing of sewer lines. They’re ideal for both sewer air testing and leak location testing.

    These lightweight plugs have broad expansion ranges‚ eyebolts on both ends‚ are bendable to 90°‚ and have easy-to-use quick disconnect hose connections. The front plugs have color-coded inflation ports (for plug inflation‚ test area inflation and test read back)‚ removable air fittings and flexible internal hoses. Front plugs are field replaceable up to 18" using only a crescent wrench.

    Air testing of sewer lines has been proven to be an accurate and reliable way to detect and locate leaks.

    Tech Specs
    • Nominal Size: 8 to 12"
    • Min/Max Diameter: 7.00" / 12.3"
    • PSI: 13
    • Ft H2O: 30
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