Part#: 26305
Weight: 0.0 lbs

Cherne Bendable Plug, 24"-48", 20.5"-50.0"Dia, w/ 4" Bypass

  • Bendable to 90°— perfect for tight applications
  • Aramid fiber-reinforced
  • Lightweight
    This item is a replacement for stock # 21419
Price: $4,339.95
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Cherne’s i-Series plugs are the most durable yet flexible plugs in the industry. All are bendable to 90° by simply removing the inflator valve. These multi-sized plugs will work in all types of pipe and have a wide expansion range‚ allowing you to keep fewer plugs on hand.

Lightweight aramid fiber-reinforced natural rubber adds superior product strength. For additional protection against damage caused by debris and sharp objects, use the optional protective sleeve.

Note: Larger size plugs feature a rupture disc that prevents over-inflation‚ safeguarding the user and protecting the plug from damage. The disc ruptures at 60% over the required inflation pressure. It is currently featured on plugs with sizes from 24 to 96" (stock #s 49899‚ 49901‚ 49903‚ 26305 and 26306).

Shipping: Ships motor freight.

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