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Coliscan® Membrane Filter Media, 20 mL

  • Simultaneously test for the presence of coliforms and E. coli in your potable water or treated wastewater
  • Accuracy and ease surpass the widely used M-TEC method
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Coliscan media is a patented combination of color-producing chemicals and nutrients that mark coliforms and E. coli in differing colors for easy identification. After you have collected the bacteria on the surface of a membrane filter, simply add the filter to a sterile petri dish whose pad has been saturated with 2-mL of Coliscan-MF.

After incubation for 24 ±2 hours at 35°C ±0.5°C, coliform bacteria will grow on the filter as pink-magenta colonies and E. coli will grow as purple-blue colonies. Other bacteria will generally grow as non-colored colonies. Each bottle of Coliscan-MF contains enough media to perform 10 tests. The media is stored frozen and has a shelf life of 6 months.


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