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    Page 964 SDS Specs Manual
    AquaTrac 100 PVC & Non Metallic Pipe Locator
    Locate all types of non-metallic pipe, including PVC, PE and AC

    Item: 61330
    Weight: 10.0 lbs
    Catalog Price: $2,674.95 

    The AquaTrac is the only practical and effective device available for locating all types of non-metallic pipe, including PVC, PE and AC. The patented transmitter produces a non-destructive pressure wave in the pipe that is detectable 250' or more in each direction—some of our customers have reported distances of more than 1000'! The receiver uses seismic techniques that provide both visual and audible indication for pinpoint location of pipe to accurately detect the pressure wave. Choose from the analog AquaTrac 50 model or the AquaTrac 100 with advanced features.

    The AquaTrac 100 receiver is linked wirelessly to a highly simplified ground probe. This unique receiver can be hand-held or worn on your belt using a supplied D-clip. The AquaTrac 100 uses no breakable knobs on its ground probe. Instead, the ground probe is activated via a rugged membrane switch on the top of the pole. The probe is activated only when the switch is depressed—eliminating the unwanted noise spikes associated with moving and inserting the ground probe.

    The AquaTrac 100 receiver features a large LCD bar graph display for better resolution and improved locating accuracy. The display is packaged in a rugged NEMA 4X housing for durability in tough field conditions.

    Includes: receiver, headphones, probe with ground and surface attachments, hard carrying case and batteries (AquaTrac 50 uses one 9V battery; AquaTrac 100 uses one 9V battery for receiver and six AA batteries for display). Transmitter(s) are not included and must be ordered separately.

    Note: AquaTrac locators require a pressurized clean water line with at least 25 psi. Not suitable for wastewater use.

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